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Recruitment New Members

Who can train?

Trainings are intended for all people (guys and gals) who like sport and are 15 years or older and who have an attemptoin to learn something.

Where and when the recruitment is?

New members recruiment will not be organised until 2005 year-end, except of BUT students. Look at our website in next year, this information will be updated.

Requirements for first training

At the first training you will get a knowledge about the most important informations and you will learn a basic principles, required before proper technic training. It is recommended for you to wear a suitable sport dress. Usually coinsists of T-shirt and training suit, in later trainings you can purchase a gi, which can be bought in many sport shops, eventually it could be ordered in our club. At the training a black one is authorized, but at seminaries only the white one is requested. In gym we practise barefooted, but you can have a shoes for transfer from clothes room to the gym. No instruments are requested, only hunger for training and a good mood.

How much does it cost?

Because our club exists in cooperation with BUT, our year fees are very low and their level is set individually every year. Our club finances itself and is unprofitable.

Where could I get more informations?

You can contact club leader. The best solution is your personal attendance at the initial training, where I will be able to aswer all questions.

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