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Something from MSKA BUT Brno history

Our club has been found in 1995 as a result of MSKA members, who had arrived to Brno to study at local universities and who had interested in karate training using this methodics. After negotiations with MSKA-CZ, after all preparation phases and after a little problem with chasing new gym, MSK Brno club has been found and a gym at Kosinova elementary school has become our first base. It was not ideal at all, because our trainings needed to be at Friday afternoon also, but in the beginning we were grateful for this opportunity. As the time passed, we discovered our universities and local people. And because any karate training at BUT was missing at that time, there has risen an idea to relocate our trainings to the university and to start build a member club from university students. All this could be realised a year later and we moved to another gym and we became a karate club at Brno University of Technology. Nowadays we still operate at this position and our members base is composed from BUT students mostly.


Evolution and sports achievements


Despite a short time of existence we have succesfully passed through lots of actions. Practically from the beginning we have become a predator of MSKA tournaments, caused by both our members and our trainers. Unfortunately, as time passed, few of them left the karate, nevertheless our club was rated as one of the best in MSKA-CZ league.


Next year waas not so succesful due to leaving of our main coach Roman Zatloukal and I had to undertake all the stuff about trainings leadership. I get to this new position step by step and in some time tha quality of our trainings begun rise again. The proof of our boost is this year‘s second place at MSKA-CZ league, with a minimal point loss.


Of course that we did not became big-headed after this success and even in this year we tried to improve our trainings. In addition to our stable good results at country tournaments, we started to collect achievements in foreign actions. We got some medail places at both International tournaments in Prague and in Slovenia. My own great success was second place at kumite at Czech Academic Championship, placed at Brno with the attendance of few czech karate stars. A whole year became very succesful, at this year‘s MSKA league we placed first with surprising point leading. But this primacy was also a big future debt, because other club bases started to became very competitional.


Year 1999 was completely succesfull for our club, becase we won again the MSKA-CZ League. Our point reserve was not so numerous as in previous year, but it did not decrease this success. We validated, that previosr first place wasn’t a fortune and that we definitely belong amongst the best Czech clubs. In this year we could see a new positive trend, when our beginners started to place with the best results. This all was fully remarkable at Moravia Cup 99 in December. I think this all relates with stabilisation of our members‘ base and still rising trainings quality, which caused very suitable conditions for evolution of all. We can only hope, that we can find correct way in next year and that we prove, that our wins are completely deserved.


Another year of intensive training passed, so it’s time for little objective view. This year was our anniversary, we celebrate five years since our club’s foundation. Lots of things happened during these years and people who have spent some time with us, can only agree. Lots of people can easily remember our hard beginnings, when we fought for every training lesson and when all our endeavour seemed to look desperately. I hope, that we completely passed through these times and now, when we became a part of BUT, we will deal only with our advancement. Lots of work has been done last year again, especially in new members‘ recruiting. We finished fourth at MSKA-CZ league though, but I think, that it wasn’t so important to our club this year. Much more important was David Svoboda’s full switch to our leader and his start with plenty of new members recruitment. Our club is again major than before, what is a good promise for the future. I wish lots of achievements and health to our members and I hope, that they’ll stay loyal to our club and that we together become the most succesfull again.


The main event of this year is the beginning of our cooperation with CESA (Centre for sport activities, BUT). CESA has provided a gym for our trainings and later it permitted to pursue lot of actions and tournaments in Brno with high quality conditions. Unfortunately, this year left lots of our students, whose finished their BUT studies. Many of them belongs to MSKA Brno founder members, for this reason their leaving was much grievous. But we accomodated and cotinued with intensive training of our younger members. The last important event was our shift to new gym. Now we practise at martial arts BUT complex at Kravi Hora, in a big gym.


In this year we became a member of university sporst association (VSK). It results in change of our name to MSK BUT Brno. Thanks to this membership we are allowed to use more practise rooms at new times. With a help of our new martial arts guarantor, PaedDr. Milan Slezacek and a gym caretaker Mgr. Ivo Smarda we could organise the most prestige Czech MSK Tournament in this year, Moravia Cup 2002 here in Brno. We hope this cooperation will continue and Moravia Cup will become stable in-Brno action in future years.
The year 2002 was finished in good health with new talented members.
Finally I would like to say that I am proud to work with this fine group of people.


It’s hard to believe that a year passed from last writing of an article to this section. Another year has passed and we’re still getting older :-)
Year 2003 was full of our members‘ sucesses. People who watch „What happened“ section will agree and who doesn’t, should have a look immediatelly. I have to retrieve a great achievement of our higher belts at „Easter seminary 2003“ international tournament in our capitol, Prague. With lots of Czech and foreign rivals we got a medal place in every category, where we have entered. Majority of our fighters also got a higher technical degree at this meeting.
For all that the most important event of last year was an attendance of our fighters at European karate championship in June 2003. Even here one of our fighters got a medail position in fighting. As I had hoped in 2002, the most prestige MSKA-CZ tournament, Moravia Cup 2003 have been organised in Brno this year. Again with a help of CESA we could organise this great meeting at our homeground. I am very proud, that this tournament becomes more prestige event with a help of Brno MSK members. The tournament quality has markedly risen in compare with last year, what is surely big challenge for next meetings.
MSK as a physical education is still very favoured and the proof is many of our new members. In 2003 winter semester we recruited high quality beginners. Diligence of their appeared immediately at our next action, Winter school 2004.
Only remains to wish lots of sport achievements in next year 2004.


It’s not so long since I wrote a history of 2003 and I’m sitting here with a recapitulation of 2004.
First half of a year lot of sport actions had happened, where our fighters also have fought lots of achievements. Thanks to effort of whole club, some actions could have happened in the capitol of Moravia, Brno.
In the second half of this year I have to highlight an endeavour of Ing. Petr Fnukal and Lubomir Macek, who have overtaken the leading of our club due to David Svoboda’s four month outland business trip. They have faced to this situation with all power and with high energy. Under theis leadership the club has attended lots of tournaments, where our members performed very good again. With their help we again have moved to a new training gym, directly at CESA martial arts center located at BUT college Pod Palackeho Vrchem. I need to express my thanks to them and say, that they still continue constientiously and diligently with a cllub leading.
I wish lots of great successes in sport and in private battlefields in 2005 :-)


Welcome to a recapitulation of last passed year, now it’s 2005. If I look through a history of last few years, I can see that our club is not neither a newbie nor a junior at a field of martial arts. During the existence, lots of good and not so good fighters have passed through. We have had some good seasons, some less good, our members were gaining honorable medals and really contributed to noticeable improvement of either our training qualities either our training room.

Because we will celebrate 10th anniversary of our existence in this year, let’s remind the most important facts in our history:

1995 – Our club has been founded as an result of will of new students arriving to Brno, who had not wanted to miss MSK training methodics. At the foundation, there were two most important personalities, Roman Zatloukal (1st Dan, now coach of MSKA Chocen) and Jan Zarecky.
1996 – After one year of its existence, the club has been covered with Brno University of Technology authority, during that time missing any kind of karate trainings. Now the name of the club is Modern Sports Karate Club Brno University.
1997 – Roman Zatloukal has left the club and Jan Zarecky begun his unsupported leadership of it.
1998 – Club fighters has begun with winning lots of medal positions at different Czech and foreign tournaments. Our club finished at the 1st position in Czech MSKA League with a significant dominance.
1999 – We have been able to defend a title from previous year and we have became invincible at homeground again.
2000 – Jan Zarecky has left to accomplish his military service and David Svoboda has took over the club leadership.
2001 – A cooperation with CESA organisation has begun.
2002 – The club has entered to University sports club VSK, the name has changed to University sport club MSK BUT Brno.
2003 – In cooperatin with CESA we have organised the biggest MSKA-CZ Tournament in Brno, „Moravia Cup‘, which has became a honorable end of each season since this year.
2004 – Club leader has left to foreign countries for a long period of time and all club authorities have been taken by Petr Fnukal and Lubomir Macek. They have proved that they can control the club and this team configuration still continues.

So the brief history is finished now and if you want to know more, please visit our website and search for history of year you are interested in.

In the second half of year 2005 a club’s training units has been specified. Because of our cooperation with CESA, it is arranging training rooms for us and helps us with meeting new university students interested in MSK. University sport club allows an use of quality training rooms for additional trainings of our members, for karate practising and even for bodybuilding exercising. Our trainings gained a new dimension, expanded, became perfected and this all is noticeable even at tournaments, where our fighters are stil getting better and better.

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