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MSKA – Modern Sports Karate Association

Karate – present, European sport

What karate really is, what are its principles, what terms do we use… all of this stuff can everyone learn at our trainings step by step and as a complete summary you can use a book Modern Sports Karate. This book has been first published by German university sports association of Rhone-westfal technical university at Aachen. Author of this book is our patron, international instructor prof. Dr. Rudolf Jakhel, IX. Dan, one of the Slovenian karate pioneers, in present time holder of highest karate technical degree in Slovenia. In many of European and non-European countries people are training using this direct learning methods. For all our members this book has been ready to disposal internally with a special price reduction for a long time. In present time, the book is hopelessly sold-out, but next edition is prepared to release. MSK members will be allowed to get any immediately after publishing in preference.

The book was first published in Germany, where a second edition also has been published. In Slovenian translation it has been published by Faculty of Sports at Ljubljan universtity and subsequently it was translated into Czech, Arabian and English. In present time translations in French, Finnish and Arabic are prepared. This book is useful for every karate member, does not matter of which karate style, because scientic informations included are wide universal. It became an essential tool for our fighters at all technical degrees.


MSK (Modern sports karate) includes broad karate spectrum, like sport discipline, self-defence, principles of other martial arts (judo, aikido, weapon use).. In addition to martial skills our adepts gain organisation experience (e.g. group leadership, meeting organisation, negotiations). But do not think that it means, that we use some mix all of these, as you can see in many gyms. We use one thing past another successively to provide either excellent fighter or versatile character. When you will correctly use this direct training methods, you may gain first fighting experience in a half of a year at any sports tournament. An object of martial arts is not to harm anyone, but avoid your own injury. Not to damage, but to protect a health and a life. The instruction is headed to provide adepts‘ understanding of these principles.


MSKA-CZ organisation was originated on April 3rd 1992, and its task is to control all MSKA activities in Czech Republic. The coordinator is Mr. Miroslav Zezulka (IV. Dan). A whole MSK comprises Modern Sports Karate Association International (MSKAI) residing at Luxembourg. Technical director is prof. Dr. Rudolf Jakhel (IX. Dan).
More informations you can find at www.mska.cz website.

Advantages of MSKAI membership

MSKAI member can be everyone, who pays a member fee, which is used to reimburse financial expenses of organisation.
For our members we provide:

- a gym in existing terms - direct training method - classified teaching at practise with an imperfections correction - correct MSK method interpretation - informations about all MSKA-CZ and MSKAI-Luxembourg actions on time - drill of new trainers - possibility of getting new study materials, books, equipment and tools in preference - possibility of obtaining required equipment (gis, protectors, books, ...) directly at your local club - lower equipment cost in comparison with shops (by 20 to 50%) - lower tariffs at seminaries, tournaments, tests, ... - possibility of all MSKA actions attendance

And lots of other advantages in dependence of student’s progress. Out target is to provide students‘ best progress for the lowest possible cost.


At your training you usually need a suitable dress, in the best case traditional white gi (incorrectly called a kimono), which fulfills all desired criterions. You can purchase it directly at your club. Gi is required after your first test passing at the latest. Additional equipment are protectors and it is possible to obtain them countinuously. At your club you can take some advices about this all.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Jakhel

The founder of MSKA is Prof. Dr. Rudolf Jakhel (IX. Dan). He began with karate in 1968 at Stuttgart. Later, during his Yugoslavian sojourn he reached lots of sport successes. He became 1971 vice-champion of Yugoslavia in all-weight category and he reached 3rd place at EKU (European championship in Paris) with Yugoslavian representation team. After this he worked as a trainer, referee and an advisor of German Judo Society Technical Committee, Karate Division. In 1971 he established an university karate team at Rhone-Wesfal Technical University at Aachen, Physical Excercises Institute (today’s Institute of Physical Science). The problem of karatism at Sport univerzity was at the beginning of his own research of possibilities of sports karate rationalisation. In long-time testing he created a methodics of neutral style training, allowing an implication at all karale schools.

Miroslav Zezulka IV. Dan

Attender of many home and foreign competitions. In presence he is a Czech Republic MSKA coordinator, also operates as a referee (e.g. ISKU European Cup at Croatia). He closely cooperates with MSKA founder, prof. Dr. Rudolf Jakhel (VIII. Dan).

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